Fried Calamari Rings and Wedges Recipe

Fried Calamari Rings and Wedges Recipe

Calamari Roll and Wedges starter

Calamari Roll and Wedges starter

costs R35 per person

Calamari Rings on a Footlong soft Roll / or 3 Round soft rolls

Served with Potato wedges and seafood or / Tartar / mayo / mustard / Mushroom  sauce


Calamari Rings with seafood spice, approx 12 – 15 calamari rings per person
Thinly cut Potatoes or thicker cut wedges
Mayonaise mixed with Perri Perri or Tartar sauce
Footlong rolls, (add margarine inside roll for sweeter taste)


Add 1 cup flour + salt in a medium sized bowl.

Add 3 eggs in a bowl and beat slowly…

Dip a few thawed calamari rings into the flour. Toss till coated evenly.
Dip the flour coated rings in to the egg mixture.
Mix the flour and egg coated Calamari rings with Panko (similar to breadcrumbs)

set stove to 70% heat, add cooking oil to medium-large sized pan.
Fry for 5 to 10 minutes, be gentle as the base of the calamari may crumble off while frying.
for this reason use a bigger pan to separate the Calamari, once the rings look light/golden brown, its ready to take out.

“TIP” if the 1st batch comes out rubber in texture, it means you over cooked it”

Use kitchen paper towel in a strainer to ensure the remaining oil drips out

Serve and enjoy







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